SS: How’s everything Shatava?

Everything’s Great. My Website is almost done and I know everyone is just anticipating being Seduced! But all in all, Life is Good!

SS: You seemed to be enjoying yourself on that swing,were you actually?

I had a ball on the swing. It was hanging from a warehouse ceiling and my first thought was, “Is it going to hold all this??” I mean I’m a thick girl, I need something sturdy under me! LOL! But in the end, Myself, along with my Massive Hangover, as one of my myspace members described it,iĀ had a great time. If you didn’t understand that line, check the pictures!!

SS: How long have you been into the modeling business?

I’ve been into the Modeling Business for about two years now. I started off doing fashion shows, and yes, Shatava is a Catwalk Queen, but due to the fact that SOMEHOW, my Ass grew to an abnormal size, fitting me for the clothing became rather difficult. Even though it’s not over for me in Runway Modeling, I’ve switched to a different form of Modeling that is working out great for me!!

SS: What city/state are you from Shatava?

Chattanooga, TN

SS: Are you in a steady relationship,im sure the readers would like to know?

Shatava is very Single…By Choice!!

SS: What does Shatava look for in a man?

I like the Adventurous Man. Someone that is always ready to have a good time. I always like to try new things so you never know what I’m going to do next. I also like a man to be Smart, Funny, and constantly on the Grind like me!! (Legally!)

SS: Do you like women?

Women are always fun!

SS: What are your measurements Shatava?


SS: Who inspired you to become a model?

I don’t think anyone inspired me, I just found it interesting and knew I could do it. Not because of the way I look, well maybe a little, but because I knew that If I set goals and stuck to them, I couldĀ become a model and be successful at it.

SS: What other publications have you been featured in or you have coming out in the near future?

Upcoming Features:
FEDS Sweets
Blakout Magazine
Dulce Magazine
Street Gangs Magazine
FBM Magazine

SS: Thank you for your time Shatava, Give a final statement to the readers.

If you want to see more of Shatava, check me out at Also, you can check me out at my myspace page at Look forward to seeing Shatava around a whole lot more. I’m just starting to heat up the Modeling Industry so Stay Tuned! There’s A Lot More to Come!!