Coming fresh off a Number#1 season of “For the love of Ray”,Finishing up season #2,About to Executive produce two other new shows one on VH1 and BET,Selling
3 million Digital sales of “Sexy can I”(1 million ringtones & 2 million i-tunes) on an independent, and record labels banging on his door!! Ray J is in no rush to make any decisions in the music industry. He has found his niche and his heart is in it to win it. He has now proven himself to be more than just another R&B artist and in 2010 he is doing BIG things!!! Ray J is now standing on top of the world and he doesnt look like he’s planning on coming down any time soon

SS:What’s going on with you Ray J, what are you working on these days?

I’m just doing a lot of television right now, im finishing up For the love of Ray J #2, I’m executive producing that, and I got a couple of other shows im executive producing on VH1 and one on BET im just trying to stay behind the scenes, get paid, stay focused and put out good product.

SS:Last season Your reality show “For the Love of RayJ” was #1 on the Network, did you see this happening or were you surprised?

I mean yeah.. I feel with a strong machine behind anything i do its gonna rate good and its gonna be good because i put out good product. It goes even back to the song me and you did “Sexy Can I”, like we had a small team of people with us and we branched out and channeled out to millions of people,and just imagine if we had a big machine behind that? But the concept behind the show, I got all the heads from VH1 into it,and they into my ideas so they are promoting it and they are pushing for it cause they believe in it, so im happy with that.

SS:How complicated is it now with the ladies situation?With thousands of women trying to get on your show “For The love of RayJ”?

Ahh man (laughs) it’s crazy,but it’s a crazy good thing cause you want people to be a part of what you do,and wanna take a walk down the wild side with you,or just be a part of your world that’s a blessing,thats what we work hard for and i appreciate all the love.

SS:What about the music for 2010?Are you currently working on a new album?

I’m not working on an album right now,i’m just doing music because i love it.i’m just focusing on television right now because that’s been taking up so much of my time,but when i get the right Music situation i’ma come back strong.

SS:Who were some of your Musical influences growing up?

Michael jackson, Stevie Wonder, Johnnie Taylor, James Brown & Otis Redding,those were the type of artists i was influenced by.

SS:When you return to the music scene do you wanna be on a independent or on a major, being that all your success came from independent deals ,which a lot of people might not be aware of because your looks were so big?

I wanna see what’s out there for me,but i wanna keep my music alive.I dont wanna like fall off and not put out no music for a while,
so im about to drop a single or two soon for my audience to let everyone know i’m still here and that i got good music.

SS:What’s going on with some of these rumors in the media,every week you are in the media for some BS,is there any truth to any of these rumors?

They been picking on me for a long time now, but i guess it’s the territory i’m in as far as what i do.i cant say that i respect it,but i just dont pay attention to it.i don’t know really what’s being said anymore cause it’s so much,so i just kind of tune it out and stay in a zone.

SS:Do you think the rumors all stem from the Kim Kardashian sex tape or just the fact of you being Brandy’s brother?

I just think that once people started tuning in to what i started to do,whether it’s putting out a song,wilding out in a club or getting into something controversial,it all just built up and my image created itself cause i am who i am, and once people started seeing who i really was they started being entertained by it and started digging for more.

SS:Do you think you and Kim Kardashian could ever do a reality show episode together?

I’m Just doing my own thing (Laughs) I don’t think that will ever happen my nigg…

SS:Thank you for your time RayJ,I know your busy! leave a few words to all your fans.

Respect the game and respect people who stunt hard,whether its stuntin hard in the music,stuntin hard in the whips or stuntin hard mentally thats what it’s all about straight stuntin and im happy to be a part of the movement.i love all the fans and they gonna keep supporting your book cause not only is it the real, but they have so much to look at!