Name:MS. KAT

SS: Thank you for gracing the cover of our magazine MS.Kat, What’s going on with you? 

The pleasure was all mine,,,, I haven’t been doing too much just relaxing on the beaches of Saint Tropez with the Prince of Monaco,,,LOL…no really I’ve been working hard,Working two jobs, finishing up my last semester of college and working on my website. Look out for that it’s under construction right now.

SS: I love that outfit your rocking, Was it made out of candy? 

Yeah its candy,fat free too,,,LOL… they taste good too,when the shoot was over I ate a few pieces.

SS: You definitely get a 10 for creativity on this end, How old are you Kat? 

Thanx im 19, if u could imagine the owl and the tootsie pop commercial. U know how many licks but instead its like how many of those do I have to eat before the entire thing is gone….

SS: Haaaa ok you got jokes, How long have you been involved in the modeling business? 

It’s been about a year professionally, but I have been on the scene for like 2 yrs, I just really started getting my feet wet….

SS: What city/state are you representing from? 

Im representing the city of brotherly love,u know home of the cheese steak and muslim brothers with long beards lol,Im a Philly girl,born and raised. I gotta rep my city its one of the best.

SS: What’s your relationship status? Married/Single? 

Im single,I don’t really have time for a relationship, Besides im young and im having way to much fun enjoying life right now. U know how the old cliché goes single and ready to mingle….

But I do think that woman are both beautiful and sexy, A three some is fun every once in a while to keep your man happy.

SS: I like your way of thinking,Who inspired you to get into the modeling business? 

I think everyone saw the potential,but me! until a close friend of mine in the industry told me I should really do it,so I got serious with it and the response was overwhelming,it’s still overwhelming at times.

SS: What are your measurements Kat?

32DD-25-43”,I get it from my mama….

SS: Have you featured in any other publications yet? 

No this is my first major publication,For the past year I’ve been doing free lance print work for local magazines,along with fashion shows and new independent magazines.

SS: What is Kat’s ultimate fantasy? 

I wont give away too much but lets just say that we all share a lot of the same fantasies…I luv everything from sex role play, blind folds,messages in the tub,dressing up in naughty nurse outfits ,you know fun stuff….

SS: Ohhhh Kaayyyyyy!!!!!Thanks for the interview Kat, Leave a final statement for the readers. 

My pleasure,, Thanx to Straight Stuntin magazine for allowing me to grace the cover,Hopefully this wont be the last time and to everyone who supports me I luv u all,Come join’s friendlist on my, My website is coming soon so look out for that….peace and luv!

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Photo Credit: Frank Antonio