SS:What’s good with you Mesha?

Im good! All is well! Excited to be here…
in Straight Stuntin!

SS:What city/state are you representing?


SS:Who or what inspired you to become a model?

I would be online on blackplanet and myspace while at work just browsing pages and I begin to notice that some girls where actually getting money because they had their very own website! I started taking more sexier pictures to build a site for myself…what was just a hobby at first turned into a serious money making mission for me, not only that but I fell in love with too!

SS:What are your Measurements/Height?

36- 27 – 44

SS:Are there any models that you
would like to work with?

I have never done a colabo ..but i would love to work with a few other sexy models. Im not sure really who. But I know she got to have a phatty though!! For sure!! 44 or better!!

SS:How old are you Mesha if you dont mind me asking?

I am Twenty –Sex years young!

SS:Have you featured in any other publications or videos before?

I have done a few other hood hop magazines.I haven’t done any videos as of yet.

SS:What is a regular day like for Mesha?

I work as a graphic designer,so most of my time is spent online…and when Im not working Im interacting with my online friends and family.

SS:Do you have a significant other?

Im not tied down…

SS:Would you ever consider dating a woman?

Hell nah.

SS:What is your favorite sexual position?

Damn a favorite? Shit… as long as “its” in me it’s a favorite.

SS:What kind of music do you listen to Mesha?

I love rap/hip hop not into love songs… that shit bores me.

SS:What goals are you aiming to reach in the industry?

Im just trying to get to the money! And develop a few good friendships on the way.

SS:Thanks for the interview Mesha,give a final statement to the readers.

Thanks for checking me out! For more on me be sure to check me out at and also cop my new DVD! Its BANANAS!!


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