SS: Whats good with you Kitty kat?

Life! I’m not complaining. Everything is good with me right now.

SS: Who or where did you get that name from?

A guy I met back in 2001 gave me that name and after that it just followed me.

SS: What city/state are you representing?

Clewiston, FL. Yea I know it’s a small town that no one ever heard of.

SS: Who inspired you to want to become a model?

I’ve always loved clothes, fashion, beauty and the art of modeling. My mom always told my sister and I that we were blessed with the 3 B’s= Beauty, Brains and Body and that we need to do something with it. Eventually I figured I would give it a try and here I am. So far it has been a great experience and I look forward to furthering my career.

SS: How old are you Kitty kat? 

I am 26.

SS: Did you finish school or are you still attending?

I’m still attending, almost done though.

What do you look for in a significant other?

I never had a specific type. I just like hard working, confident, goal-oriented men.

SS: Have you ever been
involved sexually with a woman before?


SS: What is the biggest turn off when it comes to a man?

Bad breath, Dirty Tennis Shoes, and also I don’t like guys who are too cocky. That’s a complete turn-off.

SS:What are your long term goals as far as the industry is concerned?

Just to sum it up, Tyra Banks. Trying to take this urban modeling to a different level.

SS: Thank you for the interview Kitty Kat, leave a final statement for the readers.

Thanks to everyone who showed me love, I appreciate it all. Always remember to keep your head up and don’t let anyone tell you different. Much love. Look out for more Kittykat!

Photo credit: Zach Taylor