SS:Hey jenna Shea,how’s everything going with you?
Life is wonderful!Thank you for asking.

SS:Are you still residing in la?
Yes I love the west coast but love east coast men!

SS:What have you done since last we featured you?
I came out on SHOW magazines cover,dvd,and i’ll be in the new 2010 calendar.I’m really focused on my website so I can connect one on one with my fans!Web
cam,new pix,and a personal phone line where they can
call me direct.I also have a lot in the mix coming
out soon.

SS:What’s your outlook on the industry in 2009?
I feel really positive about it!I have a bright future
and my look is so diverse.I really want to do
playboy.It’s a life long dream,I still have a lot to

SS:Holla!!!What’s your take on women on women relationships?

I love sexy women…BUT I can’t live without a BIG strong man.There’s nothing like it.*wink*

SS:Nice…What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
I aim to please,If my man is having a mind
blowing experience im happy.I just wish I could find a man to keep up with me! I want sex atleast 5 times a week,Most men can’t hang.

SS:I can hang!!LOL!What is the biggest turnoff when it comes to a man?
I hate cocky men,Men who feel their money
or status makes them.I make my own
money and could care less who you are!
I prefer a 9 to 5 man because I want him
waiting at home for me.

SS:What is the most corniest line you
ever heard from a man?

hmmm…”you look like COCO’S sister
lemme be yo Ice t”lol!!

SS:Thank you for the interview jenna
Shea,leave a final statement to the

Look out for me I will be working with Kay Slay and on a lot of projects! Follow me or on
myspace/jennashea xoxoxo