There is a lack of knowledge in the Hip hop culture in this time and age. I acknowledged the void and i am now trying to fill it! This new Show cast / Podcast is based on Hip Hop education. something that is lacking in the culture. Each episode with feature a legendary Dj / Emcee / Break dancer / graffiti artist / Brother with knowledge of self and we will educate who is willing to seek the knowledge and respect the culture over the all mighty dollar that is ruining what WE BUILT from day 1. In no shape, form or fashion can we be mad at the youth for what they say or do if we don’t teach them, Where as they owe us nothing physically, but they do at least owe us respect for laying the blueprint for them to be able to live comfortably off of the culture we built and taking the time to learn about it! Enjoy Episode #1 featuring Kool Dj red alert!