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Issue #1 (Sold Out) Featuring Busta Rhymes, Papoose, Simorah & more Issue #2 (Sold Out) Featuring 50 Cent, Liris Crosse, Gucci Mane & More Issue #3 (Sold Out) Featuring Ray J, Remy Ma, Lady J, Rick Ross & more (300 Page Edition)
Issue #4 (Sold Out) Featuring Flo Rida, CoCo, Pinky, DJ Smallz & more Issue #5 (Sold Out) Featuring G-UNIT, Ashley Logan, LL Cool J, Juelz Santana & more Issue #6 (Sold Out) 1 Year Anniversary Pictorial featuring 40 of the Hottest ladies in the Game!!!
Issue #7(Sold Out) Featuring KAYSLAY, Suge Knight, Rasheeda, Uncle Murda & more Issue #8 (Sold Out) Featuring MAINO, Busta Rhymes, Jean Grae,Kitty Kat & more Issue #9 (Sold Out) Featuring Jessi Leigh,Bubbles, Tamika,Shantel & more
Issue #10 (Sold Out) Featuring Ali Milan, Ray J, Marisa Elisa,Montana Rite & more Issue #11 (Sold Out) Featuring Cubana Lust Deanna,Yami Doll, Twista, Papoose, Mike Beck and more Issue #12 (Sold Out) Featuring Camron, Gypsy, Mizz DR, Gypsy, Lia Cha, Jazzie Belle, and more
Issue #13 (SOLD OUT) Featuring Gloria Velez, Black Rob ,Easy Moe Bee, Erica Paige, K. Foxx and more
Issue #14 (SOLD OUT) Featuring NORE, Tone Trump, Ms. Lacey, Mystique and more  Issue #15 (SOLD OUT) Featuring Diddy, Fred the GODSON, Lady El, Beauty the Beast, Phenyx Rose and more
Issue #16 (SOLD OUT) Featuring Styles P, Ted Smooth, Baby, Portia, Crystal Ferrary and more!!! Issue #17 (SOLD OUT) 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION Featuring Tony Yayo, A-Mafia, Indonesia, Tastee, Elba Everlasting and more Issue #18 $10.99 Featuring Trae Tha Truth, Dream Girl, Tia Simone, and moreĀ [nicepaypallite name=”Issue 18″ amount=”10.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #19 (SOLD OUT)
Featuring Rosa Acosta, Rico Love, Kase 2, Mac Miller, Ashley Logan and more!!!

Issue #20 (SOLD OUT)
Featuring Mizz DR, Kiya Renae, Ms. Cat, 2Chainz, Roxy Milan, French Montana and more!!!

Issue #21 (SOLD OUT)
Featuring Yo Gotti, Kiya Renae, Tea Gotabody, A-Mafia, Egypt Selinda, Jhonni Blaze, Cynthia Hike and more!!!

Issue #22 5 Year Anniversary Featuring Big KRIT, Wankaego, Maliah Michel and more!!!
(Sold Out)
Issue #23 Featuring Vado, Candy Richards, Nya Lee, Angel NYC and more!!!
IN STORES AUG 7th [nicepaypallite name=”Issue 23″ amount=”10.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #24 Featuring Vain, Laura Dore, Destiny Moore, Yadi Da Body and more!!!
IN STORES OCT 16th [nicepaypallite name=”Issue 24″ amount=”10.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #1 Premiere Issue! Featuring Bartendaz, Ms. Cat, Keyshia Ka’oir and more!!!
Issue #25 Featuring Big Purp, Deelishis, Stax, Danny J and more!!!
IN STORES JAN 11th [nicepaypallite name=”Issue 25″ amount=”10.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #2 Featuring Khrysti Hill, Gloria Velez, Sophia Body, Jhonni Blaze and more!!!
IN STORES MAR 20th [nicepaypallite name=”Originators Issue 2″ amount=”8.99″ shipping=”4.00″]
Issue #26 Featuring French Montana,Miracle Watts, Jazzie Belle, Mysonne, Chi Ali and more!!!
IN STORES April 16th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 26″ amount=”10.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Straight Stuntin Wifey Material 24 Month Calendar 2013-2015 [nicepaypallite name=”24 Month Cal” amount=”13.99″ shipping=”3.00″] A Taste From Heaven – Angel Reigns 2013 Calendar [nicepaypallite name=”Angel Regins” amount=”7.99″ shipping=”4.00″]
Issue #27 6 Year Anniversary Issue Featuring Wankaego, Elba Everlasting, Ayisha Diaz and more!!!
IN STORES June 25th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 27″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
strong>Issue #28 (SOLD OUT) Special “XXX Lock Down” Edition Featuring Roxy Reynolds, Nyomi Banxxx, Cherokee D’ Ass and more!!!
Issue #29 Special “Fall 2013” Edition Featuring Oun P, Corporal AK, Luscious Low, Blu Gem, Cubana Lust, and more!!!
IN STORES SEP 23[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 29″ amount=”10.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Originators Issue #3 Winter Edition Featuring Destiny Moore, Cubana Lust, Rosee Divine, Danny J, Blu Gem, and more!!!!
IN STORES Oct 22st[nicepaypallite name=”Originators 3″ amount=”9.99″ shipping=”4.00″]
Issue #30 Featuring Saigon, Erica Jean, Dreamy Robinson, Ben Pimpin, B.Ray and more!!!
IN STORES DEC 17th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 30″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #31 BEST OF STRAIGHTSTUNTIN MAGAZINE VOL 1: Featuring Ashley Logan, Jazzie Belle and more!!! Limited Edition 2014 Reprint…
IN STORES FEB 18th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 31″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #32 NORTH Vs SOUTH EDITION: Featuring Nisey Kamai, Mercedes Morr, Shawn Hartwell, and more!!!
IN STORES MAR 25th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 32″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
ORIGINATORS 2014 Spring Edition: Featuring Dreamy Robinson, Jennifer Morel, Ms. Cat, and more!!!
IN STORES MAY 10th[nicepaypallite name=”Originators 4″ amount=”9.99″ shipping=”4.00″]
Issue #33 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION: Featuring Rico Love, Destiny Moore, Ms Cat, Mia Body, Bebe The Body, Kendra Lachon and more!!!
IN STORES June 17th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 33″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
Issue #34 2014 FALL EDITION: Featuring Troy Ave, Wankaego, India Baby, Crystal Renay, Leading Ladies, and more!!!
IN STORES Aug 14th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 34″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”7.00″]
ORIGINATORS 2014 Fall Cuffin Season Edition: Featuring Faim Evette, Coco Francesca, Charm, and more!!!
IN STORES SEPT 18[nicepaypallite name=”Originators 5″ amount=”9.99″ shipping=”4.00″]
No Mercy – 2015 Calendar
On Sale Now
[nicepaypallite name=”No Mercy Cal” amount=”9.99″ shipping=”3.00″]
Issue #35 TATTOO TAKEOVER EDITION: Featuring Mizhani Movement, Rich Dollaz, Jhonni Blaze, Wankaego, Falm Evette, Charm, and more!!!
IN STORES OCT 30th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 35″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”6.00″]
Issue #36 2015 NEW YEARS EDITION: Featuring Crisana Mariyah, Anteja, Coco Francesca, Dave East, Fly Ty, Heidi Summers, and more!!!
Originators: 2015 Edition Featuring Abi Doll, Official Starr, Ms Cat, Mizz DR and more!!!
IN STORES NOW [nicepaypallite name=”Originators 6″ amount=”9.99″ shipping=”4.00″]
Issue #37 Spring Special: Featuring Envy, Jazzie Belle, Neek Bucks, Becca Banks, Dream Girl, Skibo Deebo, and more!!!
IN STORES APRIL 12th[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 37″ amount=”11.99″ shipping=”6.00″]
Issue #38 8 Year Anniversary Issue: Featuring Kathy Red, Jay 305, Al Tariq, Jin, YaYa Flawless, NOI, Sammi J, Kendra Koutour, and more!!!
IN STORES JUNE 22nd[nicepaypallite name=”Issue 38″ amount=”12.99″ shipping=”6.00″]
Originators #7 Summer 2015: Featuring Dreamy Robinson, Jla Shay and more!!!
IN STORES AUG 29th[nicepaypallite name=”Originators 7″ amount=”9.99″ shipping=”4.00″]

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