Straight Stuntin Magazine is the basic “Diary of a Dimepiece” exploring all the creativity and Extremely slept on talents of women. We venture through the daily achievements women accomplish everyday but don’t get rewarded for unless they achieve celebrity status first. Straight Stuntin Magazine will introduce to you some of the worlds most beautiful upcoming models, established models, athletes, rappers, singers, dj’s, actors, adult entertainers,executives, and incarcerated women who have obtained education just to name a few categories. We will highlight selective male figures also, but the main focus is on the empowerment of our sisters in the struggle trying to get recognition without having to degrade themselves beyond their own interest. Our doors are now open….welcome!


There is only one word that can describe Dj Kayslay and that’s Hip hop!
Coming from an era where Hip hop was a way of life not a way to make money,
Kayslay got his 1st shot at the turntables in 1977 at a house party in Eastriver projects, Harlem, New York City. By 1979 under the moniker “Dj KayGee”, he was doing parties in the community centers, clubs and jams in the parks all through New York City. Dj Kaygee also was under the most powerful movement in the hip hop Game, The almighty Zulu Nation, Chapter 11(Manhattan Zulu’s). In 1982, Kayslay featured in the first Hip hop documentary ever “Style Wars” under the Moniker “DEZ” in which he was also one of the top Graffiti artists in the world! As time evolved Kay lost interest and got into other hood activities, but when he acknowledged the culture beginning to generate revenue from a culture he contributed to in the beginning, he returned under the Name “Dj Kayslay The Drama King” Known for breaking some of your favorite rappers to date and it was a must for all artists to come and freestyle in his crib in Harlem. Including artists such as Ludacris, 50 cent, Too short, Shyne, DMX, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, all of Dipset, BlackRob, T.I., Cee-Low Green, 8-Ball, Nore & Lil Mo just to name a few.

By 1999, Kayslay won his 1st of many Justo’s mixtape awards (23 awards up to date) and proceeded to smash the game until he was forced to retire from the top category voting’s “Mixtape Dj of the Year”. In 2001 he was signed to Violator records By Chris Lighty, and released 2 albums on Columbia records titled “The StreetSweeper vol.1” & “The StreetSweeper vol.2 The pain from the game”. Dj Kayslay was also the go to guy for all the rap battles in the industry, and amongst rappers that other Djs feared to play. Dj Kayslay also spear headed one of the hottest battles in rap history featuring Jay Z and Nas, and was the first Dj to Play “Ether”!!! The Streets was on fire with Kayslay’s mixtapes to the point where he was approached to come aboard Hot 97 in NY where he has his show every Thursday night called “The Drama Hour” and also Wednesday and Sunday on Sirius Shade 45 called “StreetSweeper Radio”. Dj Kayslay was also a part of the “Burger King campaign” releasing dozens of commercials for Burger King. In 2004 Kayslay signed his artist papoose to Streetsweepers Entertainment, in which they grinded to get a 1.5 million dollar deal with Jive Records. Also Shaquille O’Neal and Mark Stevens asked Dj Kayslay to become head A&R at their record label “Deja34” distributed by Koch Records. Dj Kayslay released his 3rd album through the label with Greg Street Titled “The Champions”. Dj Kayslay is currently A&R of RayJ’s new album “All i feel” with the smash hit “Sexy Can I”. In 2007 Kayslay decided to put on another hat, this time attacking the modeling business with “Straight Stuntin Magazine” and the response is serious right now………..stay tuned!!